The little angel of Colombia

Aug 2, 2023 | People, Videos

Alvero is an inspiring figure who has dedicated his life to taking care of the elderly of Bucaramanga, Colombia. At just nine years old, he began giving them love and caring for them with food and washing. Now, as a nineteen-year-old, he has established a ‘citadel’ for those elderly people who have been abandoned in the city.

This remarkable story has captured the attention of many and now there is an inspiring documentary about Alvero’s tireless work for the elderly of Bucaramanga. In this film you will get to know Alvero’s story in more detail and follow his incredible journey of selflessness and compassion. You will also discover the real impact Alvero’s work has had on improving the lives of these vulnerable people – bringing joy to their days in what could otherwise be an extremely difficult situation.

The film is touching, heartwarming and above all else, enlightening. It shows us how one person can make such a huge difference in the lives of others and it is a testament to Alvero’s courage and dedication to service that he continues to fight for those who need him most.

We highly encourage you to watch this wonderful documentary which brings Alvero’s story to life. His work may be small but it is making a big difference – one person at a time!

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David B