The Life of Muhammad

Feb 24, 2023 | Religion, Videos

In the first pioneer of British television, this series of three lists presented by Rageh Omaar the life of Muhammad, a man who – for the million and a half Muslims around the world – is the last messenger and prophet of God.

The Seeker. In a journey that is both literal and historical, and from the birthplace of Muhammad in Mecca, Muhammad was born in Omaar investigates Arabia – a world of tribal loyalties and political religion. Based on the experience and comments from some of the world’s leading scholars and commentators on Islam, the program examines the first marriage of Muhammad and Khadijah how he received the first of the revelations that had a profound effect on both life and in the lives of those closest to him.

Holy Wars. Omaar evaluates and shines a light on major events in the life of Muhammad, including Night Journey to Jerusalem, his life in danger out of Mecca, through the creation of the Constitution of Medina and the eight-year war the tribes of Mecca.

Santa peace. Omaar examines and investigates the major events during the latter part of his life, including the introduction of a moral code known as Shariah and the concept of Jihad. The program also explores the use of Muhammad’s marriage to form alliances, and discusses the key messages contained in his last sermon.

In line with Islamic tradition, the program does not show images of the face of Muhammad, or any features dramatic re-construction of the life of Muhammad.

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Riyan H.