The Library of Alexandria

Dec 2, 2023 | History, Videos

The Royal Library of Alexandria, located in the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt, was one of the most remarkable cultural creations of its time. Constructed during the 3rd century B.C., it is arguably one of the most iconic libraries in history due to its unparalleled importance and legacy.

Dedicated to the nine goddesses of the arts known as Muses, it was built under the patronage of the Ptolemaic dynasty and quickly became a center for scholarship and learning. It featured many collections of works, lecture halls, meeting rooms and gardens. It also included a larger research facility called Musaeum of Alexandria that attracted some of the greatest thinkers in antiquity—from Euclid to Eratosthenes.

Unfortunately, much like so many other great achievements from antiquity, The Royal Library of Alexandria ultimately suffered a fate no less than tragic: it was largely destroyed by fire around 48 BC resulting in an immense loss of knowledge and personal accounts from across centuries past. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly what was kept within its walls but it is commonly held that much valuable information has been lost forever as a result.

Today there remains a lot still unknown about The Royal Library’s inner workings its existence only made possible through archaeological evidence and written accounts from ancient historians like Plutarch and Strabo who visited during their lifetime. To better understand this amazing institution we can watch documentaries such as “The Mystery Of The Lost Library Of Alexandria”, which explores all aspects this remarkable library had to offer while also highlighting its downfall. By watching this documentary we can gain insight into how important libraries are in preserving our collective cultural memory—and why events like those that befell The Royal Library should never again occur if we want to ensure our progress as humanity continues onward into tomorrow.

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