When it comes to parenting, there is no greater challenge than a child who has gone off the rails. Parents are often left feeling helpless when their good kid suddenly starts misbehaving or engaging in dangerous activities. The answer for many parents is to send their troubled teenager to a boarding school, but these institutions can only do so much if the child doesn’t have support from home. That’s where the documentary “Troubled Teens: Boarding Schools and Beyond” comes in.

This powerful documentary follows five teens as they make their way through different types of boarding schools and rehabilitation programs. Audiences get an up close and personal look into the highs and lows of each teen as they struggle with their decision-making process while trying to fit in at the school. Through these stories, audiences are able to learn from the mistakes these teens make as well as how they cope with difficult situations that arise due to peer pressure or other external influences.

The film also features interviews with prominent experts on parenting, education reform, and mental health treatment who share their insights into how parents can help guide their kids through this turbulent period of life. These professionals provide valuable advice for parents who are struggling with similar issues and offer deeper insight into best practices for helping troubled teens find lasting success outside of traditional schooling environments.

At its core, “Troubled Teens: Boarding Schools and Beyond” highlights the importance of parental guidance as well as what successful approaches look like when dealing with troublesome teenagers. Parents will undoubtedly learn actionable tips and techniques while viewing this award-winning documentary that can be used to help bring balance back into their children’s lives and keep them on track towards a bright future. If you have ever found yourself in a situation where your teenager is exhibiting concerning behavior, then you owe it to yourself (and your child) to watch this enlightening documentary!