The last of their kind: Turkey’s nomads

Sep 26, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Videos

In the stunning Turkish Taurus Mountains, amidst the tranquil vastness of nature, there is a rare and dwindling community of nomads who move to the mountains for summers with their goats. But their traditional lifestyle is under threat. As they navigate through the ever-growing challenges posed by the state, military, and landowners, a 63-year-old, Pervin Savran, leads the fight to uphold their rights.
With spring’s arrival, these nomads move from the plains of the Mediterranean coast to the mountainside, where they spend their summers. But how long can this way of life endure, and what does it take to preserve their traditions? From award-winning journalists, Nevin Sungur, and Gunnar Köhne, comes an enthralling documentary that unfolds their struggle, hopes, and ambitions. Discover the captivating story of survival, culture, and wonder in the Turkish Taurus Mountains.

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David B