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Oct 5, 2023 | People, Videos

The documentary “Our Giant School” takes viewers on a fascinating journey across two continents to showcase the vastly varied school systems of India and the USA. The film follows the stories of two students, Soumya and Keanen, as they navigate through their unique and contrasting educational experiences.
Keanen attends a school in the USA that has gained worldwide recognition for its innovative approach to learning. The school, influenced by the “Harry Potter” books, has a creative curriculum that encourages students to have fun while they learn. From dancing on their tables to playing video games during class, the students are taught to associate learning with positive stimuli. Teachers, sporting electric guitars, make the learning environment entertaining, inspiring, and fun. All these unique approaches, however, lead to a common goal – imparting the best education to students in the most enjoyable manner.
Meanwhile, Soumya attends the largest school in the world located in the bustling city of Lucknow, India. The City Montessori School houses a mighty number of students, and Soumya is the one amongst 55,000 students. Her grade has nine parallel classes, with more than 50 students in each. Standing out from the vast pool of students is essential for Soumya. She puts the hard work required to achieve her aspirations of becoming a software engineer someday. Soumya and her classmates compete in a singing competition, a challenge that she has practiced for months in her mother tongue, Hindi. The pressure is immense, with more than 700 students as the audience, and yet Soumya persists and works hard towards her dream.
The two students face different challenges and opportunities, but both represent the power, the potential, and the promise of young people worldwide. The documentary sheds light on unique educational approaches, the importance of inclusive education, and the exceptional learning experiences amongst students worldwide.
Viewers are encouraged to experience the rich diversity of the world through this captivating documentary, “Our Giant School”. Joined by Soumya and Keanen, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn about distinct educational systems, experience their routines, and walk in their shoes.

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