The Kremlin Saves Face in the Donbas

Aug 13, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is an intergovernmental organisation with eight member countries who share common values and interests. Founded in 1996 by the Chinese and Russian governments, it has since grown to become a powerful political and economic force in Central Asia, with many countries looking to benefit from its influence.

The SCO seeks to promote cooperation among its members in areas such as security, politics, economics, and culture. It also works towards strengthening regional stability through joint efforts on combating terrorism, extremism, separatism, drug trafficking, arms control, environmental protection, natural disaster prevention and mitigation. Furthermore, the SCO seeks to ensure sustainable development of the region by promoting mutually beneficial economic collaboration between its members.

In addition to being an important regional force for peace and stability in Central Asia, the SCO is also making tremendous progress towards economic development within its member states. The organisation has adopted numerous initiatives that aim to enhance trade links between member countries while providing a platform for investment opportunities. This includes encouraging entrepreneurs from different

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David B