The Killing of Cowboy Ray Green | Full Episode

Sep 6, 2023 | Crime, Videos

When Dani Green first reported to police that her ex-husband Ray had been killed by their family dog, police were skeptical. After arriving at the scene and searching the grounds of her home for any sign of Ray or the dog, it became clear that something else must have happened.

However, Dani refused to allow police to search one particular place on her property: a large toolbox that was located near the back of the house. Her refusal prompted further suspicion and questions as to what might be hidden inside.

This gripping true crime story is now being featured in an episode of “48 Hours” hosted by correspondent Peter Van Sant. The documentary covers all angles of this mysterious case — from finding out how Ray died to uncover whatever secrets Dani may have been hiding in her toolbox.

Tune in to “48 Hours” on Pluto TV for an exclusive look into this captivating story and the search for justice surrounding one woman’s claim about her ex-husband’s death. Don’t miss your chance to uncover all the facts and unravel this perplexing mystery for yourself!

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David B