The Jobs of the Future: Why Your Next Co-worker Might be a ROBOT | Tech Effect

Nov 7, 2023 | People, Technology, Videos

This episode investigates the jobs of the future, and why it might not be long before your co-worker is a robot. As industry changes, companies are identifying ways to re-train their workforce so they can be deployed in new roles. With space research becoming an important tool for innovation, we hear from a worker on the International Space Station about the types of experiments he conducts. Finally, we visit the factories of the future, discovering that, as a car has more lines of code than an F35 fighter jet, one of the most important jobs of the future in the automotive industry is software developer.

ABOUT TECH EFFECT: The Tech Effect series is a portal to the future, a look at the forces and inventions that could shape us in the coming century. From e-sports to robotics, home automation to autonomous cars, this series examines the potential for cutting-edge technology to improve our lives, while not ignoring the risks. The Tech Effect will appeal to anyone curious about exploring the technological advances that are changing our world. Sophisticated and edgy, each theme-based episode profiles the innovations transforming contemporary life. By identifying the world’s most ingenious discoveries, we can unlock tomorrow, todayThe future of work is rapidly changing, and it may not be long before your coworker is a robot. This is the focus of the Tech Effect documentary, which takes an in-depth look into the jobs of the future and how education and training must adapt.

As industries change, companies are identifying ways to retrain their workforce to be successful in new roles. The documentary showcases the importance of continued education and lifelong learning to stay relevant and keep up with the evolving job market.

One area of innovation that is leading the way in job creation is space research, where workers on the International Space Station are conducting experiments that could have a major impact on various industries. The documentary features interviews with these workers to uncover the types of experiments being conducted and how they can potentially bring about change in the future.

Another area of focus in the documentary is the factories of the future. With the rise of autonomous vehicles, the automotive industry is in need of skilled software developers, with some cars having more lines of code than an F35 fighter jet. The documentary showcases how these factories are adapting to new technology and changing their hiring practices to ensure they have the talent needed to stay competitive.

Overall, the Tech Effect documentary is a fascinating look into the ways technology is changing the job market and what we can do to adapt and stay ahead. By exploring the potential for innovation across various industries, the documentary encourages viewers to be curious about the technological advances that are shaping our world.

If you’re interested in discovering how technology is transforming the workplace and what the future of work may look like, we encourage you to watch Tech Effect. With its sophisticated and edgy approach, the documentary is sure to engage and inspire viewers to unlock tomorrow, today.

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