The Japanese Love Industry

Nov 15, 2023 | Social, Videos

Japan is a country facing an existential crisis. With more people over the age of 65 and the lowest number of people under 15 in the world, Japan has one of the fastest negative population growths in the world. Low fertility rates mean that fewer and fewer babies are being born each year, leaving Japan’s future uncertain. In this difficult period, many Japanese are avoiding marriage and families for recreational love and affection with no strings attached.

To investigate this social phenomenon, Vice News sent Ryan Duffy to Tokyo to explore its cuddle cafes and Yakuza-sponsored prostitution rings. This documentary takes a closer look at the struggles faced by modern Japan as it attempts to keep its culture alive in a rapidly changing world. From underground night clubs to interviews with business owners in Tokyo’s red light district, this documentary provides an intimate glimpse into how these industries operate and their effects on society.

If you want a deeper understanding of why Japan is facing such an uphill battle socially and economically, then don’t miss this captivating documentary from Vice News. By taking you along on Ryan Duffy’s journey through Tokyo’s vibrant night life scene, you get to experience what life is like for young Japanese adults seeking love, companionship or just a distraction from their daily lives. Tune in now to see what he discovers about the unique culture that continues to thrive despite its seemingly dire situation!

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David B