The Invisible War Wounds

Jul 23, 2022 | Military/War, Videos

With the suicide rate on the rise among active military personnel and war veterans, the HBO has launched a campaign to raise awareness about this issue and also filmed this documentary to bring the much needed attention to the wounds of war which are not visible.

The executive producers of this documentary are Sheila Nevins and James Gandolfini. The duo this amazing film in order to focus the public eye on the soldiers who are suffering of post-traumatic stress and mental illness due to their service on the front.

Drawing on personal stories of American soldiers whose lives and psyches were torn asunder by the horrors of battle and PTSD, the documentary chronicles the lingering effects of combat stress and post-traumatic stress on military personnel and their families throughout American history, from the Civil War through today’s conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Watch this extraordinary documentary and discover the gravity of the situation in this particular issue. There are soldiers who risked their lives so that we could enjoy ours. Now they need our help and we all are morally and ethically obliged to provide it.

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Riyan H.