The Invisible Empire: the KKK and Hate in America

  • Published 1 year ago
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What happens when a journalist infiltrates into one of the most famous and hated clans in America? Throughout its 150 year history, the KKK is one of the most feared and fearsome white supremacist groups in America.

Their national influence might be minimal now, but they are still present. In this documentary, we see a journalist by the name of Imran Garda infiltrating the clan.

He traveled to Harrison, Arkansas, to meet with Thomas Robb. He is the Grand Wizard and National Director of the Knights of the KKK. Robb is on a mission to rebrand the clan. He was at ease with speaking to a non-white journalist.

Imran also traveled under an alias into the heart of Kentucky to encounter a traditional Klan Group, the Nordic Order Knights.

This documentary was filmed in 2016, but the messages are still strong.

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