The Internet of Everything

Mar 3, 2024 | Technology, Videos

The world has changed drastically in the last few decades due to the Internet – from our homes to our societies, nothing is safe from its influence. The documentary “The Internet of Everything” offers an eye-opening journey into the highly digital and interconnected world we live in today, breaking down how it has impacted almost all aspects of our lives.

We are so dependent on the Internet that it’s hard for us to imagine life without it. We use it for various forms of information and entertainment, making it almost a democratic space where anyone can access what they need or want. And now, with the advent of the “Internet of Things”, physical objects have become connected and data is being shared between them, making our lives easier and more efficient.

But this is just the beginning: we now move into “The Internet of Everything” – a place where people, things, data and the Internet intersect. In this new space, many questions arise: who is collecting data? How is it processed? Where is it used? For example, our health data collected by various apps and gadgets are being sold to or used by health insurance companies to set premiums. China has even taken this a step further by experimenting with social credits – individuals receive incentives for good behaviour such as paying bills on time or taking public transport, but also face punishments like not being allowed to travel if their social credit score drops too low.

This raises even bigger questions about what tech will do to humanity in the future: will we be able to maintain autonomy while using technology? Or will technology take over every aspect of our lives? To answer these questions and learn more about how tech affects us today – watch “The Internet of Everything” documentary!

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David B