The Incas : Peru – The Lost Civilizations

Jul 30, 2023 | History, Videos

The Incas, one of the greatest and most powerful pre-Columbian societies, created a vast empire in South America that lasted for centuries. An integral part of their success was their advanced engineering feats, which allowed them to construct large cities with complex systems of agriculture, irrigation, and aqueducts. Despite all this incredible success, the Incas mysteriously disappeared in the 1500s following Spanish invasion.

Now, viewers can get an up close look at the lost civilization of the Incas and their fascinating history with a new documentary from National Geographic: “Peru: The Lost Civilizations”. Narrated by renowned historian David Grann, this documentary takes viewers on an exploration deep into the ancient and mysterious culture of the Inca Empire.

From Machu Picchu to Cuzco and other archaeological sites around Peru that have never been seen before, explore these ancient monuments and uncover secrets from a long-lost era. Witness how Spanish conquistadors systematically destroyed much of what was left behind by the Incas as well as how archeologists are trying to piece together a picture of how life may have looked during this time period.

The film features footage taken from both on land and in air as it follows experts who analyze theories on why such an advanced society could have vanished so rapidly. It also gives insight into some day-to-day aspects of life within the empire such as religion, economy and social structure.

For any history buff or anyone wishing to learn more about this civilization’s grandeur and ultimate demise, “Peru: The Lost Civilizations” is an absolute must-watch. Packed full of facts and stories from experts as well as stunning visuals that bring these once great empires back to life – don’t miss out!

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