The Hyena Men

Feb 18, 2024 | Social, Videos

The Hyena Men is a captivating documentary that delves into the lives of some of Nigeria’s most daring and talented animal showmen. These men have a long-standing connection to the animal kingdom, having passed down their skills from generation to generation. They perform feats with wild animals such as baboons, hyenas, and snakes that must be seen to be believed. The performances are often so intense that the audience can almost feel the danger emanating from the performers’ close encounters with these dangerous creatures.

The performers of The Hyena Men travel around the country to entertain audiences and promote their family business—herbs and medicines. Their approach is a mix of spectacle and suspense that has earned them a mystical reputation among Nigerians who believe they possess special powers to interact safely with such wild animals. This belief is perhaps more likely due to the rigorous training regimens each performer undergoes from an early age, starting at ten years old.

Sadly, not all view The Hyena Men’s shows in such positive terms; there are those who condemn what they see as cruelty towards animals forced into performing for human entertainment or commercial gain. They oppose this practice as being out of balance with nature’s natural order.

Despite these criticisms, The Hyena Men stands apart in its ability to deliver an educational experience that delights its audience and grants viewers insight into the lives of fearless performers maintaining an age-old tradition by connecting man and beast in perfect harmony. It is simply one of those documentaries everyone should watch at least once!

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David B