The House With The Whispering Walls

Jul 31, 2022 | Conspiracy, Videos

Nestled in a small Indiana town since 1895, Whispers Estate embodies a true paranormal haunting.
Turning skeptics into believers, this house proves that its walls do more than just talk. Hear the chilling testimonies of the home owner, the staff, and numerous visitors of their encounters with the entities who reside in this home that many claim is alive.
This real and active haunted house in Southern Indiana was built in 1984. It is home to two dozen ghosts/spirits and many stories.
Many of them were patients and victims of the doctor that ran his medical practice from the 1st floor for 26 years.
The Whispers Estate has been featured in many TV Paranormal specials and was rated as the 4th most terrifying place in America.

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Riyan H.