The History Of England's Crown Jewels

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The Crown Jewels in any country symbolize the passing of authority from one monarch to another during the coronation ceremony. In England, the earliest detailed account of a coronation comes from 973 when the Anglo-Saxon King Edgar was crowned.

Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom symbolize more than 800 years of monarchy. They are the only working set in Europe and the most historically complete of any regalia in the world.

Known as the Jewels of the Crown, most of the present collection dates from around 350 years ago when Charles II ascended the throne.

The total number of jewels is 142 objects, including 35 pieces of secular plate, 31 pieces of altar plate, 16 trumpets, 13 maces, 7 sovereign crowns, 6 consort crowns, and more.

The oldest piece is the Coronation Spoon from the 12th century. The newest is Elizabeth II’s Armills from 1953.

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