The Hidden 95% of the Universe

Jan 29, 2024 | Science, Videos

In 1998, a shocking discovery was made by two teams of astronomers studying the universe: our universe is not slowing down over time, but instead is speeding up. The international collaborations using the world’s most powerful telescopes had measured cosmic expansion and found that something invisible and unknown was pushing it forward faster and faster. This mysterious force was given the name ‘dark energy’ and it soon became clear that this force outweighed even dark matter, a similarly mysterious entity with immense quantities in the cosmos.

Since then, scientists have been trying to answer a single question: What is dark energy? How does it work and where did it come from? Despite much study and speculation, there are still no definitive answers to these questions. As such, this has become one of the biggest mysteries in cosmology today.

To learn more about dark energy and explore its implications for our understanding of the universe, watch “Dark Matter & Dark Energy” – an intriguing documentary exploring what modern science knows about this strange phenomenon. Delve into the mind-blowing implications of dark energy on our universe through interviews with experts in astrophysics as well as fascinating 3D animations. Find out what we know so far about this enigmatic force that makes up 68% of our universe!

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David B