The Hard-Knock Life of a Bouncer

  • Published 3 weeks ago
  • Not Rated

This funny, irreverent and often surprising film follows the boys of Newport's biggest security firm over a summer of booze, brawls and brotherhood in a place when men fight men, women fight women and women fight like men.
At the helm is MD Richie Davis whose ambition for the company is huge. A new contract, which has just come in, could mean massive things lie ahead. Operations director Len Harrhy, meanwhile, is battling against his love of donuts.
He's desperate for his waistline to stop growing as much as the business. Out of their HQ above a café on the High Street, they run a team of loyal lads who are regular fixtures on their doors in town.
Managing the drunk and often difficult locals week in week out, the boys give a rare insight into what it's like being a bouncer in one of the most unique cities in Britain.
Twenty-seven-year-old Joe Gower is a born and bred valley boy, his dry, acerbic wit and tongue-in-cheek human observation is second to none. Once a top earner in the insurance industry he lost it all in the credit crunch and is now trying to build himself back up again.
Moving to Newport and becoming a doorman saved 21-year-old Jamie Yarnold's life. The regular bouncer on the gay-friendly venue, he was severely bullied from the age of six and ballooned to 21 stone. Now through the doors he's finally found the friends and respect he always wanted and even met the love of his life.

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