The Group

Oct 11, 2023 | Crime, Social, Videos

The Group is an investigative documentary that delves deep into the stories of youth affected by adolescent drug abuse programs. Filmmaker Bob Meehan takes us on a journey through his own harrowing 5 year experience in this world, exposing the dark truth behind the organization and its practices.

Clint Stonebraker, Bob Meehan’s son-in-law and protege, created The Group with claims that it could help rehabilitate teens from addiction. However, it soon became clear that the main purpose for its existence was to generate profits for administrators while using cult-like tactics to control those who participated in their program.

Through interviews with former members, photos, and expert witnesses, this documentary paints a picture of those who were already at their lowest point in life being further hurt by The Group’s practices. It exposes an organization that prioritizes profits over people and fails to provide adequate care for those affected by drug addiction – instead relying on heavy handed tactics to keep them controlled.

The Group is a necessary piece of work that highlights the need for better treatment options for adolescents struggling with addiction. With captivating storytelling and an authentic voice throughout, this film encourages viewers to question authority and understand the reality of the situation faced by these young individuals. So if you’re looking to find out more about what goes on behind closed doors in adolescent drug abuse programs, then don’t miss out on watching The Group!

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David B