The Green Revolution

Jan 16, 2024 | Environmental, Videos

The global environmental crisis is a pressing issue that affects not just humans, but also countless animal and plant species whose homes and natural habitats are destroyed. It’s now more urgent than ever to find renewable, sustainable alternatives for power and energy sources that are currently dependent on fossil fuels. This shift in economic model is referred to as “The Green Revolution,” an international movement determined to replace petroleum-based products with ones made from bio-based materials.

A number of scientists, entrepreneurs, and researchers are innovating ways to create bio-fuels as well as better utilize biomass and even animal manure. Plant milking extracts special molecules from aeroponically grown plants, which can be used for various purposes such as pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. Biomass can also be used as fuel; the black soldier fly is particularly resilient and rich in nutrients, which makes it ideal for livestock feed. Scientists have also found enzymes in animal manure to process breakdown faster. Finally, researchers were able to create protein-rich food out of harmless bacteria in our atmosphere!

These advances in bio-based technologies could potentially solve some of the world’s most pressing ecological issues, however they remain expensive to produce. To learn more about “The Green Revolution” and its potential solutions for a sustainable future, watch the documentary of the same name — an exploration into humanity’s dependency on petroleum and how science is working towards greener alternatives. Attention must be paid not just to biotechnology but also how we use our resources responsibly so that future generations may benefit from them too!

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David B