The Greater Good: A Hitchhike Perspective

Jul 25, 2022 | Lifestyle, Philosophy, Travel, Videos

Hitchhiking in Eastern Europe is a popular way of transportation. Not so in Western Europe or the United States. The truth is, people are terrified of the images that the media bombs us on a daily basis. We see pictures of people getting killed by Craigslist killers.

But how many ads are there on Craigslist? More than 60 billion to be exact. But only one killer. Playing the odds might not be the safest way, but the reality is, people should offer more help to hitchhikers.

Thomas is a young fella trying to show the public hitchhiking is nothing to be afraid of. He has traveled more than 26,000 miles, through 13 countries, and has never been part of a dangerous situation.

In this documentary, he discusses experience with people picking up hitchhikers, and discusses the decline of the greater good: hitchhiking.

As one of the people say it “Picking up a hitchhiker is no different than being a taxi cab driver. Taxi cab drivers give strangers rides all the time. It’s probably not the safest job in the world but they’re just doing their job. It’s a social obligation… people should pick up hitchhikers more often”.

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Riyan H.