The Great Wall of China

Jan 14, 2024 | History, Videos

The Great Wall of China stands tall as one of the most iconic and impressive structures in the world. Built over 2,000 years ago, this incredible feat of engineering is an inspiring testament to human will and resilience. And now, a new documentary, Great Wall Of China, brings its story to light like never before.

Based on groundbreaking archaeological finds and first-person accounts, this documentary reveals a remarkable account of human drama, labor and loss. The story follows three individuals who were integral in the creation of the wall: Emperor Muzong, General Qi Jiguang and ordinary soldier Zhou Li. Emperor Muzong was just 13 years old when he made his most powerful decree—to build a wall that could withstand any invasion—which would become the Great Wall of China.

General Qi Jiguang was given the daunting task of overseeing one of the largest workforce ever assembled on earth—nearly two million people. Under his leadership, with their hard work and determination, the wall was completed in just 20 years. Meanwhile Zhou Li faced unimaginable hardship working on such an ambitious project; yet ultimately found peace in its shadow.

It’s an awe-inspiring tale which should be experienced by everyone interested in history or simply looking for inspiration from great achievements. Great Wall Of China offers insight into how anything is possible when we come together as a collective force for good. We encourage you to watch this captivating documentary and experience it for yourselves!

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David B