The great death of insects

by May 18, 2023Animals, Environmental, Social, Videos

Insects have loomed ominously throughout human history as terrifying pests, carriers of disease, and societal outcasts. Despite this, insects play a crucial role in our daily lives as the foundation of the planet’s food chain. But something sinister is now happening to our six-legged companions: their numbers are dwindling, with grave implications for the world’s ecosystem.
As scientists and environmentalists sound the alarm, a team of filmmakers sets out to investigate the causes of insect mortality. Their quest introduces them to entomologists, farmers, scientists, chemical companies, and politicians – all of whom fight to be heard in the chorus of voices decrying the mystery of vanishing insects. Join them on a journey through the fascinating and terrifying terrain of insect life, and discover what’s at stake if our smallest heroes fade away.
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