The global rise of afro house music

Sep 4, 2023 | Activism, Music, Videos

Afro house has stormed the world with its scintillating rhythms and melodies that reflect Africa’s diverse subcultures and musical styles. And now, Rise has produced an international music documentary that traces the origin of afro house while exploring its promising present and future. The documentary captures the pulsating beats of afro house, from its roots in South Africa to its growing global network of musicians, and how it has captured the imagination and hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.
The Rise documentary celebrates DJs like Shimza, one of South Africa’s brightest talents who has risen from the townships to become a self-made DJ, entrepreneur, and producer. Despite performing in some of the world’s largest electronic music events and clubs, Shimza hasn’t forgotten his roots. He aims to impact positively on his community by empowering young talent through his music. The second paragraph of the teaser captures the diverse sounds of afro house across the African continent, from the up-tempo and energetic kuduro music in Angola to the signature sounds created by the Midi Minds Kenya collective, which mixes electronic music with the voices of indigenous peoples. The documentary preserves Africa’s heritage while documenting the rise of afro house all over the world.

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David B