The German car industry’s political muscle

Jun 29, 2023 | Nature, People, Political, Social, Videos

Germany’s prosperous auto industry has long played an essential role in the country’s success, fueling its growth and prosperity. But the COVID-19 pandemic turned the tide for the industry, throwing a spanner in the works. Amidst the chaos, a new documentary delves deep into the industry’s inner workings, examining its past, present, and future.
The documentary uncovers the challenges the industry is currently facing and follows the events that led to a demand for postponement of CO2 limits and purchase premium for new vehicles. Furthermore, it explores the impact of industrial policy on automotive companies’ failures while questioning the role of the auto industry in the country’s overall success. Will Germany’s auto industry survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world?  Watch this captivating documentary to discover what’s next for one of Germany’s main economic engines.

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David B