The future of Europe

Jul 30, 2023 | History, Political, Videos

Young people in Europe are facing a crisis. The Second World War, once safely confined to the past, is threatening to repeat itself. But there is hope yet. A new generation of Europeans, inspired by the values and vision of the European Union, is fighting to save the project and restore peace and unity to the continent.
Join Colombe Cahen-Salvador, Sotiris Sideris, Beata Siemieniako, and Ksenia Eroshina, four young Europeans who share a common purpose: to keep the dream of a unified Europe alive. From fighting state repression in Warsaw to working with refugee children in Greece, they are determined to make a difference. But will their voices be heard? Will their struggles spark a movement, or will they fade into obscurity? Watch this gripping documentary and find out.

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David B