The Friendship Case

Dec 26, 2023 | History, People, Videos

The mysterious phenomenon of contactism has been shrouded in mystery for decades. In the 1950s, a series of strange flying objects began appearing in the skies above Italy, with no one able to explain their origin or purpose. Even more extraordinary were the stories of direct encounters between humans and extraterrestrial entities that began emerging from this period.

In 2007, engineer Stefano Breccia published papers revealing an incredible story about repeated contacts between more than 100 people and alien beings living on seced aret bases scatterround the planet. At the center of this tale was Italian writer Bruno Sammaciccia, who reported his experiences beginning in 1956 and lasting for many years. Photographs taken by some of these contactees remain astonishing to this day.

Stefano Breccia’s remarkable courage has enabled us to finally learn about one of the most awe-inspiring sagas in ufology, which he christened “friendship.” His decision to bring this story to light came at the request of Bruno Sammaciccia himself, as well as to draw out other individuals involved in the event from their silence. One such couple is Gaspare De Lama and his wife Mirella, who live near Lake Como and were touched by Stefano’s dedication to uncovering their shared history. Even Gaspare’s mother had her own experiences during these years.

This incredible account has been retold in a documentary entitled “Friendship: The Mystery Of The Extraterrestrials” directed by Stefano Breccia and produced by Claudio Maniscalco, which explores this unique episode through interviews with those involved as well as archive footage. We invite you to journey through time and explore this incredible saga, full of fascinating mysteries and remarkable characters that prove nothing is quite impossible when it comes to life beyond Earth.

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