The Forgotten Girl In the Suitcase | Terry Edmonds Infuriating Case

Jul 8, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Terry Edmonds had ambitious and altruistic hopes to become a nurse and devote her life to helping people in need. In April 2006, she was expected to meet her 26 year old boyfriend in Royal Tunbridge Wells, but never showed up. To this day, the Edmonds family still have many unanswered questions about what happened to their beloved daughter and sister.

Now, in an effort to get some closure, a documentary has been released that seeks to tackle the case of Terry Edmonds and offer insight into her disappearance. Through careful analysis, examination of testimonies and interviews with those closest to Terry at the time of her vanishing, this documentary aims to provide some answers for the grieving family.

The documentary serves as an emotional trip down memory lane with friends and family members talking openly about their relationship with the young woman. It also gives viewers an opportunity to pay tribute to her by providing all important details surrounding what happened on that fateful night in 2006.

Whether you are looking for closure or simply want to know more about the story of Terry Edmonds, then this gripping documentary is definitely worth your time. With captivating visuals and convincing evidence presented throughout its duration, it is certain to be a thought-provoking experience that will leave viewers shaken yet enlightened at the same time.

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David B