The foreign legion : men without a past

Jun 6, 2023 | Military/War, Videos

This documentary, called “Droit de Savoir”, follows the journey of France’s elite Foreign Legion soldiers who have come from all corners of the world to serve their country. The film gives us a glimpse into the intense training they undergo in Djibouti, Guyana and during a mission in Ivory Coast. The soldiers are put through rigorous tests that involve warning shots fired at columns of vehicles driven by Ivorian rebels. Along with demanding physical drills in the equatorial forest or desert terrain of Djibouti, these men also experience extreme danger while on duty.

The Foreign Legion is one of the most highly regarded professional troops in France’s army because they are tasked with some of the riskiest missions which give them a higher rate of successful completion than regular soldier recruits— 80% compared to 50%. This unit is also unique because it allows people to start over no matter what their background may be.

Through this documentary we get an inside look at what it takes to become an elite soldier and how camaraderie between soldiers can form even amidst adversity and danger. It is truly a remarkable testament to ground combat operations and showcases the importance of having courage and strength when faced with difficult tasks. If you want to learn more about this incredible story then watch “Droit de Savoir” now!

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David B