The First Australians

Dec 17, 2023 | History, Videos

First Australians is a groundbreaking historical documentary series that brings to light the untold history of Australia from the perspective of its First People, or Aborigines. The series premiered in October 2008 and traces the journey of the Indigenous people from 1788 when the First Fleet arrived in Sydney until 1993 when Koiki Mabo challenged the foundation of Australia with his legal challenge.

The series explores what happened when one of the oldest living cultures in the world encountered a powerful European empire. Through stunning archival footage and interviews with both Indigenous and European community leaders, it paints an unsettling yet authentic picture of this period in Australian history. It covers violent events such as massacres, battles, wars and more positive interactions between settlers and Indigenous people.

First Australians confronts centuries-old ignorance surrounding our nation’s past through highlighting stories from individuals who experienced these tumultuous times firsthand. It also serves to break down “the great Australian silence”, which has kept many aspects of this history hidden for so long. As such, it is essential viewing for anyone hoping to gain a fuller understanding of one of most significant periods of time in our nation’s history.

As well as airing on television, First Australians also features a hardcover book, robust website hosting over 200 mini-documentaries as well as a community outreach program designed to bring further awareness to this vital part of Australian society. Together they strive to give voice to those whose stories have often been neglected or forgotten by many mainstream narrative accounts.

Those interested in exploring Australia’s fascinating pre-colonial era are encouraged to watch First Australians—a powerful docuseries that reveals deeply entrenched truths about our past and demonstrates how far we have come since then.

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David B