The Environmental Litmus Test

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World leaders met in Paris in December 2015 to discuss climate change and how it affects all of us. The leaders struck out a historic agreement.

Prior to the meeting, Paul Maple, a film maker, released a documentary addressing some of the key issues of the meeting. The documentary is a passionate plea for each and every one of us to get involved in climate change.

Call it simple a call to action, the Environmental Litmus Test shows how active you are, and how much you are polluting the environment. The film explores why the World leaders had to come out from Paris with a positive outcome.

What will the effect of the decision will be? How will it affect us all? There are some people claiming that climate change is just a hoax. For example, new American President Donald Trump doesn’t believe in climate change.

But one thing is certain, global temperatures are rising, and in several years we might think differently. But to make the future brighter, we must act now. Consumers have the power, but boycotting is not the answer. The best way is to invest in positive alternative.

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