The Dyslexia Myth

Nov 11, 2023 | Social, Videos

Dispatches: The Dyslexia Myth is a groundbreaking documentary that explores the myths and misconceptions behind a condition said to affect 10 per cent of the population. Drawing on years of intensive academic research from both sides of the Atlantic, it challenges the commonly accepted understanding of dyslexia as its own separate condition, and instead reveals the true scale and pain of reading disability.

The documentary reveals how, despite hundreds of millions of pounds spent in efforts to improve literacy skills among children, there has been little change in the number facing serious problems with their reading ability. This documentary sheds light on how our current educational system has failed to give these children the help they need and deserve. It provides insight into why so many dyslexic students struggle – not because they are somehow “wired differently” or have less intelligence, but simply because they have not been provided with effective teaching methods that would enable them to succeed.

Dispatches: The Dyslexia Myth is an insightful and important examination into this problem, which shows how much we still have to learn about dyslexia and reading difficulties. For anyone wanting to understand more about this issue – whether it be parents or educators – this documentary offers invaluable insight into what can be done for those who are affected by dyslexia or reading difficulties more generally. So don’t miss out on watching Dispatches: The Dyslexia Myth – an eye-opening journey into one of society’s biggest educational challenges.

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David B