The Disappearance of Kelly Dwyer | Full Episode

Aug 10, 2023 | Crime, Videos

In October 2013, a young woman from Milwaukee mysteriously disappeared after a night out. Despite an ongoing investigation, no solid leads have been uncovered. Now, with the help of “48 Hours” correspondent Peter Van Sant, it’s possible that the mystery might finally be solved.

The viewers are presented with a puzzle: Did a meeting set up on a dating app lead to her disappearance? Or was it someone she knew? The answer may lie in the details of this gripping case that are coming to light.

Riveting and suspenseful, the story has captivated audiences all around the world. With interviews from eyewitnesses and experts, along with archival footage and reenactments, this gripping documentary is sure to leave viewers wondering what really happened that fateful night.

Now is your chance to get closer to the truth than ever before! Tune in for an immersive experience that will take you through the events leading up to the disappearance of this young woman. This gripping exploration into the unknown promises to be an unforgettable journey as we search for answers in this unsolved mystery.

Don’t miss your chance to watch this intriguing documentary when it airs on Pluto TV! Get ready for a thrilling ride that will keep you glued to your screens until its dramatic conclusion.

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David B