The Dirty Secrets of George Bush

Sep 23, 2022 | Conspiracy, Drugs, Videos

One of the most controversial subjects in the United States is the alleged CIA involvement of drug trafficking in the 1980s. Several future presidents such as Bill Clinton, George Bush, George W. Bush have been cited to be involved.

There was an investigation by CIA on the matter, and in 2012, the agency dismissed the rumors. However, the topic remains controversial, and there is always a new book, or a new video and documentary on the matter.

Some of the most notable people writing and speaking on the subject involve English professor Peter Dale Scott, journalists Gary Webb and Alexander Cockburn, historian Alfred McCoy and others.

The main subject of the conspiracy theory is Mena Airport, for which the people claim it was used as a CIA drop in cocaine trafficking in the 1980s.

Everything started when a criminal investigator, Russell Welch, investigated the Mena airport. He claimed that he opened a letter that released electrostatically charged Anthrax spores in his face.

Be as it is, a controversy documentary always warrants attention, and this one sheds some light on the history of the Bush family.

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Riyan H.