The Diary Of A Nazi

Aug 11, 2022 | Military/War, People, Videos

This documentary is looking into the diary of the Propaganda Minister in Adolf Hitler’s government and the leading member of the German National Socialist Party, a man known as Joseph Goebbels.

This diary contains written records from the days when he graduated and was unemployed with no involvement in politics, the World War II, to the very end and his suicide. He began keeping a diary before his 27th birthday. Goebbels was living in Ruhr with his parent at that time.

Ironically, the diary was a present from his ex girlfriend, Else Janke, and she was of Jewish background. Among the first entries was a description of the issues concerning their relationship where one can see the decline of it. Goebbels made entries in his journal on a daily basis.

According to his biographer, Toby Thacker, the diary served as a kind of a therapy for Goebbels, a troubled man, which can be clearly seen from the very content of this diary.

This documentary shall give you a profound insight into the mind of one of the infamous characters in history.

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Riyan H.