The Devil You Know

Aug 3, 2023 | Crime, Social, Videos

The Devil You Know is a five-part documentary series produced by Viceland that delves into the life of John Lawson, the notorious and infamously self-proclaimed satanist, Pazuzu Algarad. It was in this small town of Clemmons in North Carolina that Pazuzu’s reckless and excessive lifestyle unfolded in a twisted and dark way.

Pazuzu was known to his peers for his excesses such as heavy drug use, arranging orgies and animal sacrifices – all while acting as an iconic leader to a group of punk rockers and outsiders who made it their mission to wreak havoc throughout the town. However, things took an even more sinister turn when Lawson was implicated in the murders of two men inside his home allegedly at his behest.

It wasn’t until neighbours reported an overwhelming smell of death emanating from Lawson’s residence that they began to suspect something coming from within – a house with which many were already intimately familiar due to its lawless reputation for hosting endless parties with blaring black metal music blasting out from its windows at all hours.

The Devil You Know is an essential watch for anyone looking to gain more insight into the shocking truth behind this mysterious character. The documentary pieces together the story through never before seen footage, interviews with family members and friends, along with exclusive clips and much more – all while exploring one of society’s most intriguing true crime cases ever documented on camera.

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David B