The Devastating Alice Gross Case

Jul 1, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Alice Gross was a gifted and vivacious 14 year old who had dreams of making it big in the music industry as a pop star. Full of life, Alice loved spending her spare time writing songs and playing her guitar. Though facing personal struggles, she was kind-hearted and worked hard to pursue her passions.

In August 2014, Alice left her home in North London to go on a riverside walk. It was an ordinary day like any other, but unfortunately this would be the last time anyone ever saw or heard from Alice again. Her disappearance soon sparked a massive search operation throughout the city, with police officers desperately trying to find any clues that could lead them to her whereabouts. After weeks of investigations with no leads, their efforts were rewarded when Alice’s body was found in the River Thames.

The case of Alice Gross still remains unsolved today – leaving her family and friends with nothing but questions unanswered and hearts broken. The tragedy of Alice Gross inspired the 2020 RTÉ documentary ‘Grief is the Thing With Feathers’ which focuses on the emotional impact of losing someone close to you and how people cope with grief along their journeys through life. This powerful documentary provides insight into Alice’s life through interviews with family members, friends and experts alike – offering a heartfelt look at how one young woman’s life was cut short far too soon.

Watching ‘Grief is the Thing With Feathers’ is an experience that should not be missed as it serves as an eye-opening reminder of how delicate life can be and encourages us all to appreciate every moment we have here on Earth. As we reflect on our own experiences and relationships with those around us, let us keep Alice Gross in our hearts for years to come – so that we may never forget her legacy or how deeply she touched those whose lives she graced while she was here.

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David B