The Derby Fire: Secrets and Lies

Aug 25, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The tragic and shocking Derby fire, which claimed the lives of six innocent children, was started by their own father Mick Philpott in a devastating attack. In the aftermath, Philpott gained notoriety for his lifestyle – living with two women and 11 children in a three bedroom home – and has since been convicted of starting the fire.

Now BBC’s Panorama looks to get to the truth behind the tragedy with exclusive access to friends and relatives of the family as well as interviews with investigators closest to the case. The documentary reveals how Philpott’s home life had been fraying at the edges prior to the fire, with rows, suicide bids and death threats. It asks whether warnings were missed or ignored that could have potentially prevented this heartbreaking disaster.

This compelling documentary seeks to answer questions surrounding this tragedy while shining a light on what really happened that fateful day in May 2012. Don’t miss your chance to watch this gripping investigation into a horrific crime that rocked Britain – tune into BBC’s Panorama on Thursday April 8th at 9pm for your chance to discover the truth.

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David B