The Definitive Guide To The Mob

Aug 24, 2023 | Crime, Gaming, Videos

In the gripping two-hour documentary, former Colombo family captain Michael Franzese invites viewers into the secret world of the American mafia. With unprecedented access to a man who lived and worked deep within this criminal organisation, viewers gain an intimate insight into the lifestyle of a made member – and how to make money off it.

Michael’s journey began when he followed in his father’s footsteps by joining the Colombo family underboss, Sonny Franzese. By doing so, he earned more money for the organisation than anyone else since Al Capone – and then made history by publicly quitting La Cosa Nostra without entering witness protection first. This remarkable documentary captures how Michael has defied expectations to live and tell his story.

Discovering what life is really like for a mafioso can be difficult to find out about unless you’re part of the inner circle – but this film offers never-before-seen information on all that entails from initiation into the ranks to lucrative money-making schemes once welcomed into their world. Michael intimately narrates his story, as well as offering up anecdotes from fellow members, to give audiences an unparalleled look inside this powerful gangster universe.

Travelling along with Michael from New York City’s Little Italy to Las Vegas, this documentary is an electrifying exploration of organised crime in America which should not be missed. With its unique insights from one of its most notorious members, this two hour film takes audiences on an unforgettable journey through one of America’s darkest organisations. So if you’re eager to learn more about mob life or just want to be captivated by a remarkable story, don’t miss out on this compelling documentary.

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David B