The Dark Underbelly of European Salmon

Dec 16, 2023 | Environmental, Food/Drink, Health, Political, Videos

The salmon industry of Europe is flourishing, with more than 80% of the market depending on fish farms. Norway has been leading the way in this sector for years with its cutting-edge production methods that have earned it a reputation as an efficient and sustainable provider of salmon. However, behind all this success, there is an enormous environmental cost: these farms rely heavily on fishmeal and fish oil from other fish species to feed their own stocks, resulting in the overfishing of distant waters such as those off the coast of Mauritania.

This large-scale depletion of marine life is having a devastating effect that goes beyond simple economics – entire ecosystems are being destroyed or irreparably damaged. In fact, the World Wildlife Fund estimates that oceanic fishing has caused a 70-90% decline in some species since 1970, and continues to be one of the greatest threats to biodiversity worldwide.

It’s easy to be misled by the salmon farming industry’s messaging about sustainability when you don’t know the full story behind it. There are countless documentaries and articles available to help inform people about what exactly is happening on these farms and how our choices at the supermarket make a difference.

One such documentary worth watching is “Salmon Confidential”. This award winning film follows biologist Alexandra Morton as she uncovers shocking truths about Canada’s wild salmon farming industry and its attempts to keep them hidden from public view. Through interviews with scientists, politicians, activists and fishermen alike, she paints an eye-opening picture of how far this industry will go to cover up its damaging practices.

By educating ourselves about where our food comes from, we can take steps towards reversing the damage done by overfishing and restoring balance to our oceans. So whether it’s watching documentaries like Salmon Confidential or just making sure your next meal is sourced responsibly – any action we take now will make an impact for our future generations.

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David B