The Dark Side of Tulum

Oct 16, 2023 | Environmental, Videos


Tulum, Mexico is a place of incredible beauty and historical significance. But it’s also a destination on the brink of ecological collapse. The new documentary The Dark Side of Tulum shines a spotlight on the hidden plague of pollution that threatens this popular paradise.

The film starts by highlighting Tulum’s many claims to fame. From the world’s largest underwater river to the second-largest barrier reef system, and nearly 100 sites of ancient Mayan ruins, Tulum has something for everyone. And its laid-back culture, stunning ocean views, and lush vegetation have made it an increasingly popular destination for tourists from around the globe. Unfortunately, this surge in population – coupled with greed and corruption – has put tremendous strain on the delicate environmental balance in the region.

Large patches of jungle are being cleared away to make room for 40,000 residents and 2 million annual visitors. A massive landfill sits right in the middle of the jungle, leaking hazardous materials into local water supplies. Inadequate water treatment facilities only add to these dangers, while plastic trash lines the bottom of nearby rivers. Meanwhile, real estate developers and other business interests continue to pour into Tulum without regard for basic environmental regulations or protections.

The problem is insidious; even as tourists visit Tulum in droves they likely miss these warning signs under its picturesque exterior. But devoted residents aren’t giving up without a fight – their activism may offer hope for reversing this destructive tide before it’s too late. The documentary features interviews with several concerned locals who speak passionately about their efforts; from using clean renewable fuels derived from waste to better managing water resources and enforcing regulation more responsibly across all industries involved in Tulum’s development boom.

The environmental disaster unfolding in Tulum isn’t unique either; similar issues can be seen throughout countless tourist destinations around the world where unchecked development continues at unsustainable speeds. That’s why The Dark Side of Tulum serves both as an informative travelogue and a sobering cautionary tale – one that begs viewers to take action before we are left with irreparable damage instead of paradise found

Don’t miss your chance to see this important documentary: The Dark Side of Tulum is sure to open your eyes to some hard truths about our planet – truths that we must work together if we’re going save it!

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David B