The daily life of gay parents

Sep 5, 2023 | Lifestyle, People, Social, Videos

Johnny and Stefan’s story is a heartwarming journey to parenthood that spanned two continents. They are a gay couple that always dreamed of having their own children, but in Germany egg donorship and surrogate motherhood are banned. After years of searching for a solution, they found that certain states in the US permit it. And so, they embarked on a mission to make their dream a reality, thanks to an egg donor and surrogate mother.
But their journey was not easy. Between keeping their company afloat, arranging visits with the surrogate mother, and taking the wishes of the conservative grandparents into account, the beginning was tricky – but they never lost hope. And now, with full hearts, they share their lives with their beautiful twins, Amalia and Aurelio. In a touching documentary, Almut Röhrl follows their incredible first year as a family. Get ready to be moved by the story of two fathers who fought for their dream and triumphed in the end.

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