The Culture High

Aug 2, 2023 | Drugs, Videos

The award-winning documentary The Culture High is a comprehensive investigation into the legalisation of marijuana. Directed by Brett Harvey, the film digs deep into the ideas and beliefs on either side of this controversial issue. It follows those who are advocating for reform, and those who are against it, uncovering the complex motivations driving them both.

Viewers get to hear from medical professionals, lawyers, law enforcement officers, activists, politicians and entrepreneurs who all have different views on marijuana legalisation. Through their compelling stories and testimony, we gain insight into why this issue continues to be so divisive. From examining how legalising marijuana could benefit the economy to weighing up its potential risks to public health, these individuals provide an honest and in-depth look at the pros and cons of cannabis use.

The Culture High raises important questions about our drug policies and calls for greater understanding on both sides of the debate. By providing an impartial platform for discussion and debate, it encourages viewers to draw their own conclusions when it comes to making informed decisions on this controversial topic. With its compelling arguments backed up with facts and evidence from experts in their field, The Culture High is must-see viewing for anyone interested in better understanding this complex issue.

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David B