The Cult Next Door

Aug 16, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The Cult Next Door is an intriguing documentary directed by Vanessa Engle that exposes the extraordinary tale of a bizarre cult which came to light back in 2013. After a sensational news story broke, three women emerged from a small flat located in Brixton, South London having been held captive for decades. The cult can be traced back to the 1970s when its leader Aravindan Balakrishnan, then a student, formed a small political sect that believed in an international communist revolution and followed the teachings of Chairman Mao.

The Cult Next Door features exclusive interviews with two of the women who managed to escape: 72 year old Malaysian woman Aisha Wahab and Balakrishnan’s daughter Katy Morgan-Davies who was brought up in captivity. This film provides insight into how this small left-wing group evolved into an outrageous cult and sheds light on the struggles they faced while living under such oppressive conditions.

This captivating documentary offers viewers a unique opportunity to gain insight into what life was like behind closed doors and learn about the struggle these women endured for so many years. It also serves as an important reminder that freedom must be fought for and protected every day – even if it means taking drastic measures, as these women did.

By weaving together personal stories from those involved with archival footage and expert commentary, The Cult Next Door is an eye-opening exploration into how one man’s fanatical beliefs changed lives forever. For those looking for something thought-provoking or simply wanting to learn more about this dark chapter of history, this documentary is not to be missed.

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David B