The cruelty of animal transports

Oct 8, 2023 | Animals, Social, Videos

The documentary Animals Undercover follows the gripping journey of activists from the Animal Welfare Foundation as they pursue the truth behind the exportation of thousands of cattle outside the EU. In this harrowing ordeal, conditions are often found to breach European law.
Filmmaker Edgar Verheyen intensifies the suspense with his exclusive footage documenting the appalling conditions on animal transports in Asia, North Africa and Europe. Animals Undercover will take you behind the scenes on this dangerous project, bringing to light the plight of truckloads of cattle struggling through difficult conditions, often with pregnant cows on board, in a trek spanning thousands of kilometers. Will they make it to their destination or give in to exhaustion? Watch as Verheyen confronts politicians, authorities and industry stakeholders with his findings, posing the hard-hitting question: how can these haulers and cattle dealers continue to break the law without consequence? Don’t miss this eye-opening story of agony, endurance and resilience.

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David B