The COVID Cover-Up: Searching for Gretchen Anthony | Full Episode

Aug 18, 2023 | Crime, Videos

An unsolved mystery has gripped the nation as a mother has gone missing and all that is known is that her last few texts revealed she had contracted the coronavirus. But, was this merely a tragic turn of events or are sinister forces at play?

Investigators are looking into the possibility that someone may have used the current health pandemic as a means to cover up their tracks in a heinous crime. Could it be that someone had decided to take advantage of an ongoing global emergency to commit murder?

CBS News “48 Hours” correspondent Peter Van Sant has been following the case closely and he brings viewers a riveting report. He uncovers important clues and interviews key witnesses in his investigation of what happened to this woman who vanished without a trace.

It’s an eerie mystery with major implications for those worried about their safety during these extraordinary times. Don’t miss out on this thrilling story – watch 48 Hours now on Pluto TV for full episodes on this case and more!

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David B