The Computer Programme

Aug 13, 2022 | Science, Videos

This documentary, made in the year 1982, tries to fill the gap of skepticism among people and endeavors to bring them closer to the emerging micro computers by demonstrating how these computers have been consistently helping mankind in creating a more efficient society.

It gives a one of a kind insight into the technology in the era which saw its introduction to the masses, their trepidations, hopes and snapshots of they might positively influence the future.

Each program starts with the introduction of a real life situation by either Serle or McNaught-Davis, where computers can be used to make the work faster, easier and more efficient, like the office, a car factory, the British Library, etc. These formed the base on which the demonstrations on the program were be based.

Kraftwerk’s Computer World is taken as the documentary’s theme music, which was a part of the album by the same name released in 1981. An animation of an owl flying into a domestic living room was the opening title, the owl being the mascot as well as the logo of the BBC Microcomputer system.

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Riyan H.