The Comic King of Guatemala

  • Published 6 years ago
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For people in the United States, a comic book is as common as a barber shop. But as hard as it is to imagine, not all people have the same and equal rights and benefits. That being said, until 2013, Guatemala had no comic book shop.

And that all change when Dan and Sarah, Americans from New York decided to move to Guatemala. One day, the two went to a toy museum, where they saw a sign “Xulik”, and expected to find comics there. But the owner told him there is no way to get comics in Guatemala.

So Dan and Sarah decided to try and open a shop. With the thought that the worst thing that can happen is “run out of business and end up with a lot of comic books in your storage”, the two decided to take their chance.

This short documentary takes a look at their successful story, how their store impacted the community in Guatemala. Accepting things from other cultures is always a good option, so Dan and Sarah believed they can succeed. The documentary also features short interviews with customers, as well as with Dan and Sarah.

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