The Codes of Gender

Sep 24, 2023 | Social, Videos

The Codes of Gender is a powerful documentary directed by Sut Jhally, Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation. Through a compelling analysis of advertising and its powerful influence on American culture, The Codes of Gender examines the ritualized performance of gender ideals through an influential form of popular culture.

Using the late sociologist Erving Goffman’s groundbreaking research, The Codes of Gender takes an in-depth look at how gender roles are communicated through advertising. As viewers watch this thought-provoking film, they will gain a deeper understanding of how gender is represented in media and how these representations shape our society. From masculine and feminine poses to the power dynamics between genders, this documentary offers an insightful and comprehensive exploration into the nature of gender representation in media.

The Codes of Gender is much more than just a reflection on advertising; it’s an exploration into identity and power relations that goes beyond simple biological differences or issues around objectification and beauty. By looking at media messages with a critical eye, we can better understand how these messages impact our understanding of gender and what it means for individuals in our society today.

For those looking to gain a better understanding of the way gender is portrayed through media, The Codes of Gender is essential viewing. Through its detailed and provocative analysis, this documentary shines a light on both sides of the debate surrounding gender representation in popular culture. It’s sure to leave viewers with plenty to think about long after the credits roll!

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David B